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Updated: Jul 3, 2021

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to share with you my first IRL retreat since 2019, and it's back on home soil! - Bonnie Scotland. Please know that myself and our retreat location will be doing the utmost we can to make sure we are covid safe both physically, during the retreat and financially should we need to postpone.

"Oh wow, this is a special one. After a long hiatus away from retreats due to the pandemic, I am so excited to bring this offering to you. "Rewilding" - A retreat to let the wild (wo)mxn in you run free! We come together at an auspicious time. The last weekend in October, where the nights are turning darker and the world is turning inward. A beautiful opportunity to shed the layers and the labels holding us back and to rejoice in what gives us life and love."

We will be retreating deep in to the Scottish countryside, rewilding with the opportunity to go off-grid and completely detox away from technology during your stay. For those needing to stay connected to some degree wifi is of course available, but probably not necessary when you gift yourself this opportunity to tune in to the abundant nature that surrounds you.

After a pretty rough year or so for most, we all deserve the opportunity to press pause from day to day stresses. Modern day mindfulness teaches us that to really be in control of our emotions and monkey mind we need to find the practices that we can incorporate in our day to day, so as not to run away from daily triggers. True, but what happens if we have all but lost connection to our mindfulness toolbox? And what if we find ourselves running the same old patterns time and time again. When is it the right time to retreat?

Sometimes it's time to hit the reset button and allow yourself time off from the daily routine of life; Stepping away from what feels potentially stagnated and gifting yourself time away to focus on you whilst building healthy habits in mindfulness and movement.


1. Your time is taken care of so you can relax knowing you are exactly where you need to be!

Often we are constantly to-ing and fro-ing, thinking about the next place we need to be. Let retreat life place you right into the here and the now. Your retreat teacher/ team has specially curated your time to allow for expansion, exploration and of course rest. Give in and let others take control to find your flow.

2. A chance to deepen your practice

During retreats you really get the opportunity to delve into practice, to spend time on the juicy bits of your Yoga practice that you might otherwise rush through in your weekly 60/75 minute class. It's a chance to deep dive into the spiritual, physical or emotional layers that Yoga offers to unfold. Depending on the length of the retreat, it is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a holistic practice, a stepping stone to reset and build healthy habits in day to day life once you emerge refreshed from retreat life.

3. An opportunity to detox from what doesn't serve you

Sometimes we need to physically step out of our normal environment to remind ourselves to take rest or to step away from what isn't positively impacting your life. Retreats give us the opportunity to digitally detox, often taking place close to nature to reground us and help us move into a clearer headspace.

4. A chance to meet like minded people and find your soul tribe

The number of beautiful relationships I have seen unfold and bonds created from folk choosing to trust and take the leap on their first retreat has been wonderful to watch. You find yourself in a group of like minded people sharing an incredible experience of connection and wonderment over a few days. You connect on a deeper soul level; you share space, stories and memories. A retreat is a beautiful container in which magic can unfold!

5. You are so worth it!!!

You deserve to take time out for yourself. You deserve to treat yourself and you deserve the time and space to unpack and understand yourself more, which is exactly what a retreat allows space and room for.


1. Explore unique venues and different cultures

I take special care in making sure all our venues and locations will bring out the best in you and your time on retreat. The locations are chosen based on their vibe, their history and how fairly they treat staff and give back in some way to their community. Traveling and exploring new countries and cultures has always been a love of mine and it is my aim with all my retreats to give back to communities in some way since we have been blessed enough to spend time learning on their lands. Where possible you will learn from local teachers and healers not just myself and in a way that is authentic and true to the land you have visited.

2. As much as we are about the Yoga and zen, we are about experience and having fun too!

You have plenty of free time to do as you please. If you are craving the time to chill with a good book or meditate in nature, the time and space is there for you to do so. Buzzing to see and explore a new place? Feel free to tour until your heart's content.

We curate a well-thought-out schedule that takes the stress of planning away from you, however, as mentioned there is always plenty of space on our retreats for you to choose what serves you best.

3. We are super relaxed; whilst my retreats allow you the opportunity to detox (physically and technologically) it is up to you how much detoxing you want or need.

Detoxing from our vices every now and then, whether it be our mobile phones, sugar, caffeine, alcohol.... (People!) is so important. It allows us to see what is an easily breakable habit or perhaps what has become an addiction. I'm all for our retreats being a place of detox, where you can step away from the pulls of day to day life and the entanglement we create around these vices. I've seen many people benefit from retreats that strip back on these elements. Whilst my retreats advocate healthy eating, time in nature and physical/ technological detoxing, I won't force anything upon you or restrict. I believe these retreats are empowering places for you to take control of your practice and decide what's best for you.

4. If your feeling pulled to join me maybe there's is a deeper reason beyond the first realisation

Many a time I have found myself drawn to something, the reason not truly understood until afterward. Hindsight of course is a wonderful thing. If you feel the calling to join on retreat perhaps it's taking you down a wonderful path unknown and unfolded yet.

5. Give back

I have set up these retreats up as a way of being able to give to you, but to also give back to the countries, communities and the land that holds us up during our time together. A percentage of your retreat investment will go towards supporting BIPOC communities within the area of the retreat, highlighting and keeping tradition within the area alive, land and animal preservation.

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