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"Luna was recommended to us by an employee's mutual friend. Despite the majority of us being complete novices, we all loved it and found Luna to be a highly knowledgeable, fun and patient teacher. We are now booked up for a whole Summer of rooftop Yoga,"




Is a set series created by the late Larry Schultz and modified from the Astanga Primary and Secondary series. The freedom and choice within the practice allows the practitioner to develop a unique and personal approach to movement that suits their needs within the routine of a set sequence, thus providing room for creative growth as well as discipline.


A fluid and intuitive cyclical practice that sees us moving 360 degrees around the mat, emulating and taking inspiration from the flow and movement of nature around us. As I have learnt from my Teacher Dulce Aguilar this practice is rooted in energetics and often themed around the elements or the chakra system.


A deeply personal and introspective practice of softening and releasing resistance. We typically hold postures for 2-6 minutes, to work on targeting deeper tissues within the body, helping us gain not only flexibility, but suppleness to our muscles, bone density and the opportunity to study patterns of mind and body within a safe and supported space. 


The term Vinyasa means 'to place in a special way. In a creative vinyasa flow class, the teacher sequences different postures and transitions to build up to a specific point, theme or peak pose. Heat is built through constant flowing movement or through long static holds. Whilst Rocket and mandala remain my consistant practices, I will be adding in different creative vinyasa classes to my subscription channel to highlight a particular theme or to break down specific postures.

"I only wish I could have a lesson every day,"

1:1 Yoga

Our bodies are all completely unique and it goes without saying so too is our Yoga practice. A public class is a great place to build community and connection as we move and breathe together, but we all move and express in different ways to suit our body. This is where a 121 Yoga session(s) is a great way to explore what works for you in a safe and held environment. 


Whether you are looking to develop your own practice, have a particular goal in mind, working with a specific injury, or simply can’t find the time to make it to a public class. Private, 1-2-1 Yoga classes have a wealth of benefits for the mind and body. Classes are tailored to fit your needs, both physically and spiritually; And with focus solely on you, progression in your practice is likely to occur at a much faster rate.

Claire’s sessions are 75-90 mins (time can be amended as preferred) and it is possible to share your private session with friends or family in a semi-private capacity.

Claire is currently only accepting 121s on a 6 weekly basis unless specified. Please fill out the form below to start your 121 journey.

1:1 YOGA




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