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Updated: Jul 3, 2021

I wanted to tell you a little bit about one of the styles of yoga I love to practice and teach - The Rocket. I remember when I first started practicing Yoga. I was that person who bounced from studio to studio, soaking up all kinds of different styles and learnings from different teachers. I exhausted all the new student intro offers I could, I was HOOKED.

After a brief obsession with all things Hot Yoga, I found myself in one of Marcus Veda's classes. Some of you may know him or even take class with him in London to this day. I can still remember walking into his Tri Yoga class and thinking, wow what is this? I had already been practicing vinyasa yoga across town, but there was something about the sequencing, the pace, the effortless transitioning that got me really intrigued as to what this method was. Same thing when I stepped into his 'Frame' class, where I was surrounded by all these insanely talented individuals, doing their inverted thing. The atmosphere in the room wasn't stiff or silent, it was buzzing with people chatting, joking and helping each other in or out of poses. The former DJ had created this space that was like all the best bits of a night out; you gathered with your chums, sipping on that rocket fuel and leaving all your worries on the dance floor, except this time it was a yoga floor. Far from being intimidated by all these flying Yogis -as is often the reputation rocket gets for being un-inclusive and only about the handstand - I left feeling seriously inspired, like one day I could maybe do those things too. It's taken me a while to get to grips with the ins and outs of Rocket, as the thing with Rocket teachers, is they/ we are veeeery creative on the original sequencing, which keeps it fresh for us practitioners but hella hard to keep the sequencing in mind. And why do I recommend it for you?: 1. ROCKET YOGA TRULY IS FOR EVERYBODY The whole practice is designed to be inclusive to everybody and BODY. Along the way, Rocket has gotten a name for being just a physical practice of handstands and inversions, only for the gymnasts among the yogis. Personally, I don't think it could be further from the truth. This practice allows us all to move together as a group, through its classic set sequence, yet makes space for our individual needs and creativity. The sequence can be easily modified to suit those new to practice, in terms of posture, pace and length, The classic sequence is there for us as a ballpoint and of course within that same sequence, you have the opportunity to fly if that's your thing. Where traditional sequences often had pupils stop and master a pose before they could move on - arguably there can be benefits to this - rocket saw that everybody is unique and one pose might not suit all. Therefore we mix it up and allow you to take control of your practice. Take what you need, leave what you don't 2. IT IS A SET SEQUENCE THAT PROVIDES BOTH ROUTINE + PLAYFULNESS Just like the gym buffs going to the gym on Monday for leg day, Tuesday for core, Wednesday for upper body, the Rocket sequence allows us to target different parts of the body creating a balanced and holistic approach to a weekly practice within the parameters of a set sequence. When I am feeling tired, or uninspired having a set sequence brings a sense of comfort. I don't have to think of what comes next so to speak, I can just do. And on those days that I feel really inspired, the rocket humbles me with the many different transitions or Segways I can play with. 3. ROCKET IS ROOTED IN TRADITION YET IT DOESN'T OUTDATE Rocket honours the traditions of Yoga and its philosophy. Its roots lie in Ashtanga vinyasa coined by Pattabi Jois in Mysore, India and Rocket 1 and 2 are modified sequences of the astanga primary and secondary series. However there is less rigidity with Rocket, allowing the practitioner the chance to be their own teacher and to partake in movement and postures that feel right for their body. As science progresses and helps us understand the body in a different light Rocket acknowledges different bodies will look different whilst undertaking the same practice and that is something to be celebrated rather than restricted. 4. THERE IS AN UNDERGROUND COMMUNITY OF ROCKET YOGIS THAT SPAN THE WORLD!

The rocket ship is expanding in numbers and locations and you might be surprised to find on that next trip you take, a rocket yogi near you. Through my teaching and training in London and beyond I have met so many wonderful souls all connected by this fun practice.

The community, the love, the celebration all within those first few classes I experienced Is what I would love to create with you, whether that be IRL when my feet land back on UK soil or online via a monthly masterclass. Tell me, I’ve harped on about Rocket a lot there, What practice or style of Yoga has inspired you most over the years?

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