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I want to tell you that through movement you can do wonderful things. I fully believe that movement is medicine and it can help us all heal.


I am not here to change you, because that person, that soul, right down deep at the pit of your core is the most beautiful specimen. I am here to guide you towards the tools that help us to own our bodies, sharpen our minds and understand the patterns that we have developed over time. I am here to remind you that our world is not linear, that we move in and through cycles and this is the glorious dance of life. I am here to teach you to stand sure in all that you are! 


So how do I do this? Honestly movement to me is medicine, and it’s why I constantly strive to be a student as well as a teacher. Learning from my teachers in different disciplines enables me to provide you with up to date knowledge that compliments the ancient wisdoms that my Yoga classes are based upon. 


You’ll see through this website that there are many ways in which we can move together: 



Online courses 

My new subscription channel 

Insight timer classes 


Corporate classes


I don’t like to pigeon while myself by saying I’m an X teacher, because, really, I draw so much Inspo from a variety of places. But my main yoga loves are Rocket, Mandala and Yin, so you’ll find a lot of references to these three styles through my platforms. From me, you are going to understand how to move your body in a way that feels right for you not just to fit into a shape. And we'll often talk Energy in a way that is digestible to our modern-day lives, specifically through the understanding of the elements and elemental psychology.

I love hearing from you guys so feel free to contact me anytime you have a question; or drop me a DM to schedule a discovery call and lets discover how I can help you.

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