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Movement and exploration of one's self is what first drew Claire to Yoga. She treats her asanas like a dance for the mind and body, knitting together the emotional and physical aspects of Yoga 



“I found Yoga or rather Yoga truly found me a few years back, after leaving the world of dance behind due to an ongoing struggle with my health. I had dabbled in a few classes throughout my teens, but the extent of what Yoga can do for the mind and body didn’t come to me until I had reached a particularly challenging point in my life. From there, Yoga, in the all-encompassing sense, gave me the drive to move forward and rebuild a positive life for myself.  


Yoga has given me a strong focus both on and off the mat. It is more than just a physical practice to condition the body, (although that is one of its many benefits!) and it is something I believe is 100% inclusive to everyone because we all discover along the way that you are your own teacher,”


Claire's classes vary weekly but expect a strong, dynamic flow, that is light and playful at heart. A firm believer that we can all enjoy the benefits of this old tradition in a modern way, Claire offers plenty of variations to poses that allow you to take control of your practice; You always have the choice "Rest, stay or play"


The Motto of the Anderson family clan - my last name - is "STAND SURE." Rather poignantly I believe this is something that Yoga has taught and continues to teach me. 

The tools of this practice have given me so much, physically, mentally and energetically and I cannot wait to share them with you.

It is my hope that these tools not only help you physically stand sure - you're going to feel great as yoga works its wonders to undo many physical patterns we hold in our body, often brought about by day to day stresses or habits. (I'm sure we've all found ourselves sitting down way more than we'd care to this past year with lockdown, I know I have!) It also builds a hella lot of strength through static and dynamic movement. -  you will also stand sure in your ability to separate from thoughts, finding ways to calm the mind and find peace in the present.

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