2020 has certainly turned our world upside down. With this in mind,  Luna will be conducting classes online for the remainder of the year via her channels on this website, and youtube.

Creative Vinyasa / Mandala Vinyasa 

18:15-19:30 (GMT)

12:00 -13:15 (CST) 

Rocket Breakdown

18:00-19:00 (GMT)

12:00 -13:00 (CST) 


18:30-19:30 (GMT)

12:30 -13:30 (CST) 


18:30-19:45 (GMT)

12:30 -13:45 (CST) 


Our bodies are all completely unique and it goes without saying so too is our Yoga practice. A public class is a great place to build community and connection as we move and breathe together, but we all move and express in different ways to suit our body. This is where a 121 Yoga session(s) is  a great way to explore what works for you in a safe and held environment. 


Whether you are looking to develop your own practice, have a particular goal in mind, working with a specific injury, or you simply can’t find the time to make it to a public class. Private, 1-2-1 Yoga classes have a wealth of benefits for mind and body. Classes are tailored to fit your needs, both physically and spiritually; And with focus solely on you. progression in your practice is likely to occur at a much faster rate.

"I only wish I could have a lesson every day,"

Luna’s sessions are 75 mins (time can be amended as preferred) and it is possible to share your private session with friends or family in a semi private capacity.




With many of us now in working environments that allow for little movement throughout our day, it is so important to counteract the sedentary effects that play out in our bodies and our minds. 

Why is daily movement important for you and your colleagues?


  • It helps to combat the effects of being seated for a long period of time, which can cause tightness through the front body and weakness predominantly in the back (posterior body).

  • Over time we lose the natural ability to support and hold our frame correctly, which can drastically affect our breathing. Unconscious breathing can lead to many ailments, Yoga brings simple practices to aid conscious deep breathing to help keep the body vibrant.

  • Allowing colleagues the opportunity to step away from their tasks for a short while, can bring a new found sense of focus. Yoga allows us to create space in both body and mind. Smart sequencing allows us to stretch and strengthen the body whilst upping the flow of oxygen to body and brain creates mental clarity.

  • Having that opportunity to move throughout our day significantly lowers our stress levels and changes the chemical balance in our body.

  • Moving and breathing together allows colleagues to form a sense of community and connection with fellow employees.

"Luna was recommended to us by an employee's mutual friend. Despite the majority of us being complete novices, we all loved it and found Luna to be a highly knowledgeable, fun and patient teacher. We are now booked up for a whole Summer of rooftop Yoga,"
Luna is currently teaching weekly sessions for three international companies. Classes run from 45-60 minutes. She has participated in many corporate wellbeing days and can organise such events for companies upon request. For more information on classes, wellness events or company wellness retreats contact Luna via email or phone.
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