So what is a dosha? The sister science to Yoga - Ayurveda -  believes we are made up of three different dosha, or constitutions. These are energies that govern our makeup. How we look physically, how we perceive the world around us, our characteristics, our mindset, how we move through life, it is all governed by the doshas and how much all three may be in excess or suppressed. 
We have our natural state (our prakruti) our own unique and specific combination of the three doshas and we have our altered state governed by our present health and conditioning (this is called our vikruti) When both prakruti and vikruti are the same we are in a state of complete equilibrium.
These three creative vinyasa flows look at exploring the doshas in a fun and explorative way through movement and breath.
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To activate a particular dosha we are aiming to cultivate the same energy that the dosha symbolises. Vata connects us to all things creative, spontaneous, effervescent and energetic.
It is vata that governs our movement and mobility. It is responsible for our thoughts and desires as we bounce lightly from dream to dream, thought to thought. The vata dosha creative flow will take us through a repetitive ladder flow, creating different expressions and variations of similar postures with each round.


Stoke that inner flame and pitta fire that gives us the energy and the confidence to strive for what we wish to do and see in this world.
Pitts is what governs changes and transformations within the body and indeed the mind. Not only do we digest food in to fuel for our bodies, but we are constantly digestion and absorbing information.
this dynamic flow asks us to be the change, the catalyst from which we wish to grow from. 
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Kapha is the dosha that creates balance, support and security. As a way of activating this earth like presence, our practice will focus on lengthening the back body. Whilst the creative vinyasa will build in intensity, the steady approachable pace of the flow allows you time to explore how the practice and each pose feels for you.
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“You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it's better to listen to what it has to say.” 
Paulo Coelho
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