February 16, 2018


The month of 'love' has well and truly happened upon us. Like it for bringing love and compassion to the forefront of our minds, loathe it for being just another commercialised day to part with our pennies. Either way we it's quite a tricky one to hide from. <3 

My boyfriend/partner/ main squeeze, is currently living in Tokyo - which, for any international readers, is a long way away from where I am currently sat typing!

A big part of what has been helping us along the way is our future planning for key trips to see one another. And it seems to be constant planning because one of us ( eh em... Javier) is constantly forgetting key dates/times and all the (seemingly) important bits I tell him about.. We've cycled back on many conversations for me to remind him when in the year and indeed where in the world we are actually meant to be meeting. I've basically spent a lot of this year already telling him how crap a listener he is.

February 13th, the door bell rings, however, and it's the postman with a package. An early V-day gift from Javier. One of the gifts happened to be by the same brand and an almost exact replica of one of my favourite necklaces that I had carelessly dropped down his bathroom sink way, way back. I could have only mentioned the brand name to him once, he tried to retrieve it, with no luck - bless him for trying - so I thought that was that and all but forgot about it. 

Of course I had to go back to him with my tail between my legs. Here was me, constantly berating him for forgetting the details, and there was he, bringing much more than just a physical (very pretty) gift to me. My reason behind telling this story is not to brag that boy did good on the gift giving, more that his kind gesture regarding something quite sentimental to me and a moment we shared, was the real Valentines day gift.

More over it shed light more on my own forgetfulness than anything else. A lot of my work nowadays involves planning, planning and more planning, so much so that recently I had forgotten to stop and smell the sweet (valentines) roses. Dates and times might fly out the window here and there, but, if something is of true importance and value to you, your loved ones have got you, that's when they remember and that's when the true essence of the day shows through. It's not the number of red roses you receive, or how many chocolates you can devour in one sitting, but showing your loved ones - yes, that include showing up for yourself -   how much they mean to you. So Thank you for the gift J! 


Love Luna x








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February 16, 2018

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