Even from when I was just starting out in my Yoga journey and had barely any idea as to all the different styles of yoga and where their lineage lay, I was always drawn back to the fun and fiery Rocket series and I can wait for you to give it a go! 

This bundle lays bear the traditional 1 and 2 series without any additional flare or creative sidetracking, so you can really get to grips with the sequence. 

There is an additional Rocket Mandala practice added in for creative flare and fun too, should you wish to give it a go! 
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Rocket 1 is a sequence modification of the standing postures in classic Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. The Rocket guides students through a unique twist on leg strengthening, hip opening and balancing by doing all the poses on the right side first and then repeating on the lefthand side. The seated series is the modified primary seated series, with a focus on forward folding. Along the way, students are introduced and offered the chance to invert the body regularly through handstand, arm and forearm balances.
In this video, Luna guides us through the traditional flow. As you build strength and knowledge of the sequence feel free to explore and experiment with what feels good for you along the way!


Rocket 2 standing series is the same as rocket 1 above. Similar to the above video, Luna guides us through the traditional sequence so as not to distract from learning the traditional flow. Standing series is the same as Rocket 1, however, Rocket 2 sees us focussing in on backbends and extensions. The seated series is a modification of the traditional Ashtanga second series and introduces us to third, fourth and fifth series postures, thus the Rocket series invites us to explore what feels good for our bodies without having to stick to a more rigid system of perfecting one pose before moving to the other.
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Although not typical to the rocket practice, this video blends to of Luna's favourite practices, Rocket and Mandala vinyasa together. Blending the fire of rocket with the fluid-like dance of Mandala together. In this video we combine the Rocket 1 flow with the 360-degree movement around the mat, keeping us highly focused and in flow state! 
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