Hi there friends, 
I'm so glad you have found your way to my new online yoga hub and to what I hope, in time, will be a bountiful resource for you and your yoga journey. I'm excited to share the practices that have helped me in life. 
The bundles below share fun practices, flows and breathwork that you can do at your own time and from anywhere with an internet connection! It is my hope that these practices empower you to take charge of your practice and the time you dedicate to learning, loving and growing yourself. Perhaps they empower you just to simply BE.



This intuitive, fluid practice where we encompass the elements is one of my favourite practices to really develop all sides of our multi-faceted beings. We flow around the mat 360 degrees, the circular movement lending its way to a meditative state. In this bundle, you will have access to 8 videos. 

4x mandala vinyasa practices for Earth, Water, Fire and Air, ranging between 45 to 65 mins. Also included are 4x videos to explain and breakdown the mandala. It is recommended you play these shorter breakdown videos before your first practice so you know what to expect and can flow seamlessly with the practice itself.

Not suitable for beginners



One of the greatest practices of yoga is learning to serve the body and not the ego. I hope these videos inspire you to get moving and breathing, however, It is my hope that these videos also teach us love and patience too. With that in mind, Please note before taking part in any online yoga practice with me - Claire (Luna) Anderson - any injury or damage caused through practicing at home is not my liability.  In purchasing these videos and practicing with me you acknowledge and take full responsibility for yourself, your health and your practice. This is where we acknowledge that our inner teacher knows best and that is the most powerful tool of all. 




The foundation to any physical yoga practice is the breath and the beyond asana - Breathwork bundle is a great tool to find and develop this powerful practice. The breath is not only a vital lifeforce but a magical tool we can use in day to day life to control our emotions and reactions. 

In this four video bundle we breakdown and practice together, Ujjayi pranayama  - the basis of any vinyasa yoga practice - Kumbhaka breath retention, Energising Kapalabhati and balancing Nadhi Shodhana.

Suitable and suggested for beginners.





We Rocket Yogis love to put our own spin on the traditional sequences, to keep that thirst for movement and pattern making alive. I know from experience it can sometimes get a touch confusing or to learn the Rocket sequence, so in these videos, we practice the traditional flow without added frills to help you memories the traditional flow. You have this practice as a base from which you can then fly from time and time again and from behind the screen feel free to add your own intuitive flare, once you become comfortable and confident with Rocket 1 and Rocket 2. 

A third, 85 minute, Rocket 1 Mandala has been added to this bundle that sees us taking the Rocket 1 flow 360 degrees around the mat. 

Not recommended for complete beginners, however, the rocket sequence itself can very much be tailored to serve a new practitioner.









Ayurvedic Philosophy, the sister Science to Yoga, suggests that we are all made up of three different constitutions or energies. The elements Ether and Air make up the Dosha Vata, Fire and Water make up Pitta and Water and Earth creat Kapha. These three doshas, govern or physical bodies, mindset and characteristics. Studies closely there are certain attributes to each dosha that give away our more dominant 'type'. 

With the three creative flows included in this bundle we will look at activating each dosha, enhancing it positive qualities within each of us. 

These dynamic flows are not suitable for complete beginners.



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