Head + Hands will be an opportunity to explore getting upside in your Yoga practice in a safe and supported environment.During the workshop, we will take the time to discuss how to build strong foundations before going upside down in headstand, forearm balance and handstand. There is no one size fits all in Yoga and this is certainly true with inversions, so we will break down different variations of entry and exits of these poses. Some variations you might find challenging, others you might click with straight away. My main intention is that you you feel comfortable trying and exploring what feels best for your body! This really is an opportunity for you to play. To perhaps step out of your comfort zone and trust that you can absolutely support yourself.
DATE: Saturday 28th September 11:00-13:00
To book your spot email Luna directly.
Join me for an evening of Yin Yoga and essential oils, as we will delve deep in to this still practice of inquiry. To compliment certain channels and energies that we target in our physical practice I will be working with essential oils that compliment these particular attributes and heighten our awareness to the healing properties that both essential oils and yin yoga can have on our wellbeing. This will be part of my regular Friday Yin class, so no need to book an extra space or ticket. Afterwards, there is the option to enjoy a tea together and have a brief chat about the oils used throughout practice. 
Oils will be used topically (on the skin) orally (Ingested) and aromatically. All methods of  use are of course optional. Please do let me know of any alergies prior to attending.
DATE: Friday 18th October 19:30-20:45
To book your spot, book on to the Heartcore Notting Hill 2 Studio's Regular Yin class through their website
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“when I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
Lao Tzu
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